Angel Investing

Considering Outside Investment?

You’re building an empire. You see needs in the market and you execute successfully solving problems and capturing value through valuing partnerships with your team and your customers. You’re considering angel or follow-on investment and you need a partner that shares your vision and values the progress you’ve made and the relationships you’ve established.

LeaderMind makes investments for minority positions in startups with product market fit and built on a strong culture, a team dedicated to great customer service and a track record of solving really hard problems.

Growth Plans — Not Exit Plans

We enter every deal with a growth plan, not an exit plan. We don’t raise outside capital that must be flipped and returned a few years later. Instead, we invest permanent private capital and work diligently with our partners and employees to create successful futures for all the companies we partner with.

Other investors fund companies by starting with an exit plan and add value by hacking away existing people and systems. We run a different play. We are long term thinkers who understand that greatness takes time and rewards those who are patient.

What We Look For

Good Judgement

This is the foundation on which all of our investment partnerships are built. The businesses we invest in have a long history of honest and fair dealings with customers, employees, and vendors.

Straightforward Models

We look for businesses with easy to understand, straightforward business models with no need for rapid reinvention.

Teams that Can Run Through Brick Walls

Runaway success doesn’t just happen. It happens when you have the right group of people in a judgement free zone who are obsessed with helping their customers.

LeaderMind invests in the people who make great companies. We are committed to giving them the right mix of support and autonomy to further greatness. We seek to establish partnerships where the founders and the employees celebrate together.

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