About LeaderMind

What is going through your mind when you’re running a startup?

Do you see a chance to live your dreams? A way to make the world just a little bit better? Sheer terror? All of the above?

Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses has seduced many of us into the startup world. And the glasses tend to stay on when successful entrepreneurs look back and talk about their journey. It’s often told in a linear way.

History is remembered a little differently (and better) every time the story is told. Everything was done right. The vision and strategy were there from the beginning. Did it really happen that way? Not a chance. #ItsNeverLinear

If you have run or currently run a startup, you know that your rose-colored glasses are often covered in sh*t. Splattering off the proverbial fan right into your face. It’s never easy. It’s a mess.

And I love it.

Perhaps it’s a sick passion of mine – running a startup is like getting punched in the gut repeatedly while chewing on glass. All day. Every day. But when you figure it out, when you solve even the smallest problems, you feel like the greatest in the world.

Ben Horowitz famously said in his book, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, that managing your own psychology is the hardest part of running a company. The ups and downs are extreme and unavoidable.

This site is about those two feelings – the hardest challenges and the greatest successes. How fellow entrepreneurs have failed and how they have succeeded.

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There is no greater feeling than being part of a team that makes the impossible happen. LeaderMind is committed to surfacing hard to talk about topics and sharing experiences to shortcut your path to building a world-class organization.

Enjoy the site and please get in touch anytime. Thanks for visiting.

Harry Schechter